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Thespesion Bio Amorgion 500ml


Thespesion Bio Sundried, organic liquer wine PGI, 13%vol. Aged for 2 years in oaken barrel.

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Thespesion Bio Sundried, organic liquer wine PGI, 13%vol.
The sun of Cyclades, the breeze and the saltiness of the sea, concentrated the juice from the Aegean varieties Amorgiano(Mandilaria), Savatiano and gave a wonderful wine with a purple, brick red color, ripe fruit nose, plum and honey aromas. The rich body, the flavor and the balance of the alcohol with the sweetness and acidity, give a wonderful feeling of relaxation in your mouth. It is served at 10-12 ° C and comes with fresh and dried fruits, chocolates, Amorgian loukoumi (delights), donuts, and Amorgiano patatato and other foods. It is also a wonderful aperitif. It can be aged for at least five years.

Small organic production

Bottle size 500ml
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